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The I Will Woman is my newly released book and I am so excited about it. This book is truly a divine gift from God. In The I WIll Woman, we will look at 7 women that said "I Will" to God's will for their life and how you can use their example to do the same!  


About The Author

          Have you ever met someone and for that small window of time when you know nothing about them or their past only the product standing in front of you, the person seemed so perfect almost someone you wished you were? This happens every day to people. We all look in the window of a person’s life and think, if only I had that I could be complete or better. However, when we actually walk in and take a seat in the story of their life we find out the building of this person was far from what we ever expected. Looking back, I can see things so clearly. The devil’s attacks do not seem so random, but well thought out and methodically planned. It took years for me to find out that the old adage "hind sight is 20/20" proves to be so true in the building of well, me. I tell you when the attacks on your life start so early that you're still in the womb, you have to wonder what he is so afraid of. But as my life continued so did his relentless attempts to make me feel invaluable, worthless, unimportant, damaged, and eventually hopeless. The devil has taken many things from me during this walk. Fortunately, some can be replaced as easily as they were taken. But others or one in particular will never be able to be replaced as long as I live. The loss of my son was debilitating and the devil was not done with me. I miscarried more times than I care to remeber, I lost my marriage, my home and everything I knew as familiar. I was broken, defeated and dying. However, the grace of God found me amongst the ashes of my life. He rebuilt me and with each rung of the ladder, I climbed closer to God and into the place he always intended me to be.

Shannon Bagley Author
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Climbing Jacob's Ladder

This book was written with many tears and even more prayers. It is an intense story about my life. It is not easy bearing everything for all to read. However, my hope is that when you read it you will see the triumph that comes through God no matter how deep the pain, loss or tragedy.

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Introduction For Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Ms. Shannon Bagley is the Facility Director for the CPC Vicksburg and native of Vicksburg, Mississippi. She is a passionate community leader, volunteer, and loving mother. Shannon has appeared as the keynote speaker for Grater Jackson Roaring Lamb and her local Made Known event. She has appeared in social media column interviews, as well as a guest on multiple local and international radio shows. Her ambitions include changing lives for God's kingdom, community activism and helping others see their worth and potential. Shannon hopes to continue to instill hope in people through the love of Jesus Christ.


I desperately desire for people to understand that they are valued by the King and valuable to His kingdom.

–Shannon Bagley


5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

Wonderful life changing book!

LaRenda Cantrell

5.0 out of 5 stars

Amazing book. The writer's passion for God is evident

Amazing book. The writer's passion for God is evident. I would recommend this book to anyone going through a hard time who needs Godly inspiration.


5.0 out of 5 stars 

Such an amazing book!


Such an amazing book!! I admire her for opening up the way she did after the storm she went through. Definitely looking forward to part 2 of her book, I would buy and highly recommend any of her books

Jess S.

5.0 out of 5 stars 


I have known the author for nearly my entire life and have always looked up to her in a way she will hopefully now know. This touching and heart-wrenching look into her life and what she went through is completely relatable. I am not a mother, but I understand struggles of another nature. This book is a loving tribute to her son and a marvelous reflection of God's love.... As is Shannon. I look forward to seeing where He leads her next.

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

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